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App Overview

Help you make a better decision to pick stocks in USA stock market

Holdings of Investment Institutions

Ease of Use

Simple interface and good for stock trading beginners

Top six institutions' stock holdings information provided up to now

Universal App

Design for iphone and ipad

Stock Charts in the Newspaper

Data Automation

Data updated for every three months




Top six investment institutions' stock holdings

  • Provide the stock holdings of six top investment institutions for the latest reporting quarter

  • Track the changes of stock holdings of the top investment institutions every quarter

  • Track these institutions' portfoilos


  • Provide suggestions on buying, holding, or selling stocks based on the information of investment institutions.

  • Update these suggestions for each reporting quarter

Data automation

  • Provide suggestion on buying, holding, or selling a stock based on the information of investment.

  • Provide a search function to easily find if a stock is hold by the six top investment institutions to help you decide whether to buy this stock.

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